Offline Form Filling Project


Project Name

Form Filling

Total Forms Given


Minimum Forms to be submitted


No. of Days

15 Days

Minimum Accuracy Required

80% for 2000 Forms

90% for 1800 - 1999 Forms

95% for 1600 - 1799 Forms

Value Per Form

Rs. 15

Contract Tenure

12 Months

Enrollment Fees

Rs. 5,000

Registration Fees

Rs. 3,000 (Refundable after completion of 1 year)

Total Cost

Rs. 8,000

Total Earning

Rs. 30,000 per Month

Payment Schedule For Form Filling Project:-

2000 forms - 80 to 100% Accuracy Achieved = Rs.30,000/- (Rs.15/Form)

1800 to 1999 forms - 90 to 100% Accuracy Achieved = Min. Rs.27,000/- (Rs.15/Form)

1600 to 1799 forms - 95 to 100% Accuracy Achieved = Min. Rs.24,000/- (Rs.15/Form)

Below minimum required accuracy or below 1600 forms submission = No Payment and second set of forms sent

Submission Rules:-
  • Submission should be made only on the company's official email address.
  • Submission should be made exactly on or before the deadline given by the company.
  • File name of the submitted file should exactly match.
  • Submission should be made of minimum 1600 forms strictly. Submission should be made in zip folder.
  • The zip folder of the submitted files should not contain any other file/folder.
  • The submitted files should be found complete with minimum 1600 form entries. Any submission below 1600 forms will not be accepted.

Technical Instructions:-
  • User is required to Add new record for each serial number.
  • Every fields in the form should match in the image
  • Everything should be typed with left alignment, whatsoever may be in the image file
  • Latin Characters or Accent Characters, if any, shall be typed as normal characters. Ex: "æ" should be typed as "ae", "Ç"should be written as "C", "Ŷ" should be written as "Y", "ķ" should be written as "k" etc.
  • Color text (if found in the image file) should be written in Black color text only.
  • Always type the text as default text in software. Bold, Italics in software File is not at all required and is not possible also.
  • If a word splited in the image file, same should be done in the form. No justifications should be done between what should be right and what should be wrong. Just type as it is given in the image files.

Rejection Criteria:-
NOTE: For online registration please pay the registration fees as per the project selected. We will email you the agreement copy which you have to sign and email us the scan/photo copy. Project will be sent after 24 hours of receipt of the Agreement copy.

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